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Welcome to Sangster’s Real Estate Brokerage…

Where we provide services in the following areas to meet all your real estate needs.
We sell Real Estate such as houses, town houses, lot, farms, commercial buildings, churches, resorts, hotels and apartments.
Vendors are invited to try our sales techniques. Consult us for information on the process of a sale. Realize your investment- sell and be happy!
Purchasers!! You are the second “player” in the sale since you are buying from the Vendor. Call us - tell us what you want and we will help you realize your dream.
Landlords we do our background checks and give you reliable and decent families. Tenants call us so that we can place you in the right environment.
Mortgage Brokers:
Give us the opportunity to be your mortgage provider. We offer mortgage Loans for purchasing property and meeting other needs. You may call for advice on the mortgage process and how to qualify.


Lovely houses of all ranges to meet almost all criterias. Magnificent views of the ocean and the early morning sunrise plus quaint surburban areas to please.. Price: What would you spend!

Land & Farms

Acres of property for farming or any development you chose.Some have panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea. Price: What would you spend !


Commercial property finished and unfinished. Centrally located. Some units already have all utilities in place and are fully grilled.Some also have parking facilities.Investment.Price:What ever it takes!